Welcome to our ADA Pool Website

To Delegate our ADA Stake Pool, first you will want fund wallet on an exchange that supports ADA. Their are several exchanges out their. To name a few their is Exodus, Kraken, and Gemini. You will wand to load ADA up on your wallet in exchange you decide. After that you will set up either a Daedalus wallet or Yoroi wallet. Make sure to follow the directions and to write down phrase in case you ever have to recover your wallet. Once you have your wallet set up it will need to sync to blockchain. After syncing is complete you are then able to send funds to your wallet address. To become one of our delegators, go to the delegation section on Yoroi or Daedalus wallets and find our pool:

Ticker: “ADABP”

Pool ID: 4d37f7fbff135536da9b1b7ef43176b741e531573721fef8b4b427b8

Set amount of ADA you want to delegate to our pool and watch your money start minting more ADA.

Cost: 340 ADA & 3% Margin

How Does ADA Stake Pools Work

The way it work is: Imagine that there is 8 boxes represents slots in the blockchain and each box is labeled a number 1 through 8, and linked in that order 1 through 8. Every 20 seconds a slot is created in the blockchain. This is all the transactions happening on the Cardano ecosystem. So all transactions that happen in 20 seconds gets recorded and stored in the box. Picture a piece of tape sealing the box after the transactions are place in the box. This is to represent the immutability of the transactions meaning they can not be altered or changed, someone can not open the box and change the transaction. So we have 20 seconds on every box and there is 8 boxes (slots).

What does this mean for staking and proof of stake. When you delegate you stake to a stake pool, say you delegate your stake to our ADABP Stake pool, your going to be participating in a game and the purpose of this game is to designate a slot leader. So every 20 seconds a slot leader is chosen. One of the 1400+ stake pools will be chosen as a leader out of the Cardano ecosystem. Their are various metrics that goes into chosen who will be a slot leader but to for now I’m just explain what is going on, stay tune to my blog as I’ll cover this at a later date.

The Rewards

For right now picture each box (slot) being connected and in between each slot represent all the 1400+ staking pools. Lets say ADABP wins this slot, ADABP becomes the slot leader and is responsible packaging up the previous box saying this is complete its active and secure, their are no fraudulent transactions within the slot and if that got through we go on to the next slot. And every slot their is a slot leader. And for you staking you ADA their are 21.600 slots in a epoch. An epoch is a 5 day period. So after 5 days their is going to be 21,600 slot leaders. Every time a pool becomes a slot leader, the pool will be rewarded ADA for being that slot leader.

ADA Stake Pool Image ADABP
ADA Stake Pool Image ADABP