ADABP Stake Pool - An ADA Stake Pool
ADABP Stake Pool, An ADA Stake Pool

At ADABP Stake Pool: We are enthusiastic of Cardano, in creating a decentralized world, to build a new global financial system

The blockchain revolution started with Bitcoin. It continues now with Ouroboros. A proof of stake protocol that provides and improves security that guarantees of the proof of work at a fraction of energy costs. Ouroboros applies cryptography, combinatorics, and mathematical game theory to guarantee the protocol’s integrity, longevity, and performance, and that of the distributed networks that depend upon it.

Cardano Stake Pool

Let’s us build an new world financial system that is different than the delegated financial system. We work to see a decentralize world, where no one has to approve what we have.

Why Invest into Cardano

Cardano is “ADA”, a third generation cryptocurrency extremely scalable, sustainable and secure. The Proof-of-Stake “POS” like Bitcoin or Ethereum. ADA network fees are generally lower than those of ETH blockchain. Cardano has real potential for widespread adaption and daily use.

ADABP Stake Pool

We operate ADABP Stake Pool by running highly secured cloud based servers dedicated to only run our pool. We are committed to keeping high reliability and up-time for our Cardano investors.

Why Stake in ADABP

If you choose ADABP in your Daedalus or Yoroi your rewards are automatically sent to your wallets at every epoch.

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